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Tuskegee Coffee Shop
& Cafe Concepts

Our eatery and coffee shop concepts will be one of a kind. Tuskegee Coffee will not be just a coffeehouse or eatery. Here is what we can say without giving our complete concept away...

+ Design & Experience


The coffee shop and cafe will focus on African-American history with a modern design with modern and tech savvy amenities. There will be "mini-exhibits", artwork, and more intertwined in the concept environment. We will create engaging spaces that celebrates Black history. You'll celebrate, learn, socialize, and enjoy good food & drinks.

There are 3 versions of the Tuskegee Coffee concept. The coffee shop, the cafe, and full service restaurant.

+ Food & Drink


Although we will offer a wide variety of coffee and iced drinks, we will also provide savory meals and sweet food options. So whether you're stopping for your morning coffee, lunch, dinner, or an afternoon snack, we've got you covered! Good food and service is paramount. The menu will be created with Southern cuisine in mind with family recipes.


+ Social

Non-alcoholic happy hour for everyone. That is the best way to describe the ideas behind the interior design for this concept which will help create a positive and celebratory spirit. We want to create an engaging environment for all customers. Our concept is about celebrating Black history. That is the vibe.


Our concepts will inspire discussion and celebration through setup, design, and operations.


+ Giving Back

It is important to give back to the diverse communities where we live and work with the focus on supporting organizations that fight for racial equality and/or fight hunger. Currently, Tuskegee Coffee LLC donates over 3% of it's profits as a partner of the One Coffee Together campaign, founded by J. Elias Norwood.


Learn more at

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Here is our short list of cities in which we want to open up the first few locations with our

Tuskegee Coffee brick & mortar concepts. 

Indianapolis, IN -- Columbus, OH -- Washington, DC -- Charlotte, NC

Cincinnati, OH -- Detroit, MI -- Minneapolis, MN

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